As the business world continues to grow and evolve, efficient information flow is key to success. Sharing data and harnessing its power is a standard practice across a variety of industries, from merchants working with supply chain partners to provide accurate market insights to banks and insurance companies studying customer data to assess risk.

Businesses can make informed and fast decisions when they share data. They don’t need to rely on gut instincts or role of mergers and acquisitions outdated research. This more efficient, better-informed decision-making can lead to better results. A recent survey of Chief Information Officers revealed that improving collaboration and breaking down silos were key factors in providing value to the business.

In many administrative processes customers, suppliers or employees are expected to provide specific information or documents. Think of mortgage loan application forms or medical records for processing insurance claims. Manual processes increase the risk of error and reduce the time to process. However thanks to new technologies, the capability to automatize the process is now feasible. This results in an increase in the speed of processing and reduces the risk.

As the demand for data storage and sharing in business grows and expands, it is increasingly important to find solutions which offer a safe, efficient method to manage this vital digital asset. This is especially true for businesses that need to be able store as well as retrieve and manipulate huge amounts of data to support their operational needs. Business leaders who can combine the need for fast, reliable access to data while keeping ethical standards and data accuracy will be better equipped to succeed in the long-term in our connected world.

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